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Today nearly half of the World’s population - around 3 billion people - are under the age of 25. As these young people transition into adolescence and their bodies kickstart the process into adulthood, sexual and reproductive health concerns come up and the necessary services are increasingly under pressure. Menstruation, unplanned pregnancies and unsafe abortions, societal gender suppositions and HIV infections can significantly impact young people’s lives.

Against this backdrop, we sought to bring together all the critical stakeholders to highlight and chart out ways for young people to confidently deal with issues of their sexuality and reproductive health.

With support from partners we hosted the inaugural intergenerational dialogue, an event that creates a platform to bridge the communication gap and restore the role of parents and the elderly in providing guidance to the youth to prevent SRHR challenges by improving access to information on sexual and reproductive health services for young people. In a bid to highlight the varying roles of both the young and older generations in tackling the growing issues of SRHR in Uganda, the dialogue features key stakeholders including the youth, services providers, parents and caretakers, policy makers, community leaders, opinion leaders, the elderly.

The dialogue is a multidemographic conversation that brings together key stakeholders in the field of youth sexual reproductive health and right issues to a round table to openly and expansively discuss the challenges that inhibit young people from accessing the knowledge that is fundamental to informing the choices they make in life; economic, social and cultural choices. The dialogue will be organised under the theme “Nurturing and strengthening linkages between the young and older generations to address the current Sexual and Reproductive Health needs in Uganda.”